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Robocar Poli

Robocar POLI is original animation series co-produced by ROI VISUAL and EBS. Since its first broadcast on EBS in February 2011, Robocar POLI has been broadcast in 143 countries in 35 languages and is one of the most consistent children's shows in South Korea. Robocar POLI is a story about a police car, a fire truck, an ambulance, and a helicopter that can transform into robots to help friends in danger and solve problems. Robocar POLI delivers valuable messages such as love, friendship, trust, forgiveness, consideration, compromise, communication, cooperation, etc. to help with the emotional, cognitive, and moral growth of children..

They are a car rescue team that looks at the world from a child's point of view and solves problems with intelligence. Robocar POLI supports children to help them grow healthily and happily while also supporting adults with better understanding their children.


In Brooms Town, where friends with a variety of personalities and occupations live together, there are always troubles and accidents both big and small. But don't worry!

In Brooms Town, there is a transforming car rescue team that helps friends overcome their many difficulties anytime, anywhere when they are in danger. The fast and brave police car POLI, the mighty fire truck ROY, the smart ambulance AMBER, and the witty helicopter HELLY are on the way to help friends!


First Broadcasting Date


February, 2011

Season 1~ Season 4 (11m X 26ep) Season 5 (11m 30s x 16 ep) total 120 episodes

Target Age





Ages 3~5

Full 3D Digital

Dong Woo Lee / Jun Young Eom

Jun Young Eom

Ji Min Ahn and others.

Other Brands

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