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Shaun The Sheep

Shaun made his screen debut in the Wallace and Gromit film A Close Shave back in 1995. Fast-forward to now and Shaun has become a global superstar, enjoyed by fans in 170 countries across the world!

He’s starred in six TV series’ and enjoyed success on the big screen with two feature films that have seen him go on adventures beyond Mossy Bottom Farm. And did we mention that Shaun is a social media star too, with over 5 million followers on Facebook? Shaun has featured in commercials, live shows and computer games, and there is even a Shaun the Sheep Land in Sweden and a Shaun-themed café in Japan.  


Shaun, an unusually clever sheep, lives with his flock at Mossy Bottom Farm (the name can be seen in nearly all of the opening scenes), a traditional small northern English farm. Each episode centres around Shaun's attempts to add excitement to their otherwise boring lives. The action snowballs into fantastic sitcom-style escapades, most often because they are fascinated with human technology and culture. This usually brings them into partnership — and sometimes conflict — with the sheepdog Bitzer, while they all are simultaneously trying to avoid discovery by the farmer.


Created by

Nick Park

Developed by

Richard Goleszowski, Alison Snowden
David Fine


Stop motion Comedy, Silent comedy,
Slice of life

Picture format

Production companies

HDTV 1080i

Aardman Animations
Westdeutscher Rundfunk

Original release

5 March 2007 – present

Other Brands

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